Multi Toning Table

Click to enlargeThe Multi Toning Table is ideal for those already in the health and beauty industry who are considering expanding their salon to incorporate a slimming and fitness aspect. It is also ideal for those who wish to own their own toning table at home.
If you are wishing to expand the services of a beauty or fitness salon or the studio of a person trainer, the multi toning table is a quality exercise machine that supports your weight whilst strengthening the muscles and working to tone the entire body as well as increasing flexibility and endurance.
There is even a warm down phase offering a relaxing oscillating motion to massage the entire body.
The exercise machine powers through a series of gentle movements and because it supports your weight during the workout, you can be confident it will eliminate the risk of injury to ankles, knees and hips and in the case of an existing injury, will protect you from further damage. 
Below outlines each of the exercises this one table takes you through:

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Waist, Hip and Tummy Position: gentle rising and lowering of your legs and the rotation of your pelvic area are combine to stretch the lower back as you work through the table's 900 repetitions.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Sandbag Position: like doing 900 hip rolls, the gentle massaging action of the sandbag position works the hips and thighs as you do three isometric exercises.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Stretch Position: this position massage action enables you to work the entire body by utlising your arms as counter weights. It lifts the rib cage and improves posture. It helps stretch the midriff, waist and back.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Leg Position: the lifting motion powers you through a 900 step routine while you push and pull your legs in time with the table. The machine's ability to support your weight reduces the impact on hips, knees and ankles.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Saddle Bag Position: this action is ideal for helping to reduce deposits of cellulite by deeply massaging the outer hip and thigh. When combined with a scissor like leg exercise it strengthens and helps tone the major muscle groups.

Who would have thought that one exercise bed could achieve all of this? Whether you are wanting this for personal use or to enhance your new or existing business, you will be amazed at the results this machine can achieve. For more information on our Multi Toning Table contact us today.

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